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Bryzek CPA

Bryzek CPA is a small, family-owned company based in the East Bay and serving clients primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Us

We pride ourselves on our work ethic as much as our client relations. We strive to maintain an educated, positive, and serious working relationship with our clients to ensure satisfaction of the services we provide. We specialize in services for privately held businesses, homeowners associations, non-profits and individual income tax.

What to expect when working with us?

Professional Standards. We adhere to all professional standards that are bound to us by our CPA designation. We promise to get the work done and get you the service you require to continue to succeed as a business.

Client Relations. We promise to be friendly and professional in providing our services to you. We have been on both sides of the table, as a CPA, and dealing with a CPA, so we can relate. We understand the stress of audit and tax services and will work with you to make it a seamless process.

Efficiency. Faster turn around on our services. No one likes uncertainty. We believe timeliness is important.

Communication. Open dialogue with a purpose in mind. No one likes someone lingering around or sending follow up forms/questions with no end in sight.

Only Professionals. We only have CPA’s perform work on our audits. We refuse to use temps, non-CPAs or inexperienced staff with the sole purpose of achieving a hefty bottom line. We know what we are looking for and save wasting your time.

Reasonable fees. Based on our experience and understanding of the field, we know what is reasonable. Our fees meet or exceed that expectation while still upholding the professional services of a CPA.

Services. See the list of services that we can provide to ensure that you and/or your business is in compliance with all necessary filings.

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